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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
My guess is that the carry on policy varies from airline to airline and even plane to plane within an airline depending on the size and type of the plane. Different airports may even enforce their own policies as you attempt to get through their TSA screening.

I'd at least call the airline in advance to see what their policy is and perhaps print out a copy of it to take with you in case a gate agent should happen to challenge you.
I guess if you'll ask them if it's allowed to carry your sticks as carry on, their answer would be "NO". Just read their terms, racquets are considered as possible weapons.

You better just show up at the gate and try to sneak them into the plane.

Over the last years I saw several passengers taking their racquets with them as carry on. Just try to enter the plane with the first wave, otherwise overhead bins might be the problem. Once there's a problem with putting the racquets away in the bins, the flight attendants might notice something.

Just in case you'll have to check the racquets, make sure they are well protected in the racquet bag. Airport personnel will show no mercy!!
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