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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
Use as little ibuprofen as possible!

Ibuprofen masks pain, allowing players to continue to abuse their bodies.

There once was a theory that ibuprofen could prevent joint damage by decreasing inflammation. No evidence for that theory has been produced.

Instead, many more suffer worse muscle/tendon/ligament/joint injuries because ibuprofen masks the pain that should have warned players to stop playing.
Part of the problem is the usual recommended dosage for ibuprofen is completely analgesic, wont do **** for inflammation.

According to a dentist friend, anything less than 2400mg/day is going to do squat for inflammation. This is about the prescription level of ibuprofen (800mg 3x daily). I've seen some recommendations of taking 3200mg/day for 5 days straight, then going off it completely to actually affect the inflammation. This is of course accompanied by rest
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