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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
[I really think the main reason American tennis is in decline is that American kids don't play soccer like kids elsewhere in the world. And by the time kids would be old enough to have decent basketball skills to benefit from the conditioning, they quit the sport to concentrate full time on tennis.]
One of the worst things we do is specialize our kids when it comes to sports. The positives of playing other sports is really quite good and we rob them of it when they have to play only tennis. The coordination required to play soccer, basketball, and almost any other sport they wish to play will carry over quite well.

Almost everyone i knew that came in late to the sport as a JR and did good enough to play college tennis came over from soccer so I agree with you that the movement aspect of the sport translates very well. I would think that would work however for any sport that requires you to be athletic and stop and go all the time. Its a shame we discourage it so much as other countries use it to their benefit.
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