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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Why not? It is a question of numbers. If I steal a little but from a large number of poor people, it adds up to a tidy sum. You have given me some good ideas here.
Wow you're right! We should become super-villains.

I have a plan to rob homeless people. First, we'll steal their recyclable cans and then turn them in for the recycling fee. Seems like a bad idea, but we'll make a tidy sum as long as we do enough volume.

The way the real super-villains work is not by raising the water rates on dirt poor peasants but by finding some corrupt African ruler, for instance, whose jungle happens to be sitting on a huge oil reserve or a bunch of rare-earth metals. The Russian Oligarchs, for instance, were able to bribe Yeltsin to win rigged auctions of rights to massive oil reserves. Not by trying to shake down peasants.
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