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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
The OP finds racism in "Homeland" offensive but was fine with "The Sopranos." Merciful heavens!! That's why I stick to "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" -- cooks of all ethnicity are featured prominently. Still waiting for a black Iron Chef, though; can't believe Marcus Sam uelsson didn't make it in the last competition.
Mother of God. Guy Fieri (however you pronounce it) is awful!

Food Network has replaced almost all their real Chefs with random personalities (though props for adding Alex Guarnaschelli recently.) They rehash the same old concepts. 40 dollars a day now they got that dumb sandwhich guy trying to eat on 24 dollars a day. If I want to watch a travel and eat show I'll watch Bizarre Foods or No Reservations.

Though I still like Iron Chef America no matter how corny it is. I'll stick to Top Chef for reality cooking and BBC for cooking shows, they've had many good ones lately. How to Cook Like Heston [Blumenthal] and Gordon Ramsay(F Word, Specials) on BBC is nothing like he is here in the states. Even PBS had Avec Eric [Ripert]

and the most evil of them all Sandra Lee(prepackaged queen) and Rachel Ray who I'm pretty sure only knows how to cook sammies(burgers)...

/end rant hahaha
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