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Default 30s-40s high-level player overcame childhood disabling leg burns - South American?

The player, who grew up in South America, had suffered third-degree burns on his legs when he was a child. Despite his injuries he became a highly ranked international player. I assume he was amateur, given the years of play. I was told he also was charmingly witty, a bit of an imp on the court . . . but that may have been my father's personal opinion. He was often compared to Wilma Rudolph with her history of overcoming polio.

I hope someone can tell me who this player is. When I was a child, my father -- a 30s-40s ranked amateur -- told me about his playing here in the states. I vaguely remember reading an article about him for a school paper.

TW suggested Pancho Segura as one possibility due to early rickets, and the characterization -- perhaps I miss-remember the story.

I googled and wikied -- haven't found him.

I am writing a chapter on athletes who have overcome impairments, and would appreciate -- and acknowledge -- your help in identifying or correcting this story.

Please post here, or send to:

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