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Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
if we are talking about the FUN factor i totally agree.
so you're saying you could take you dead strings racquet and play the same?
well maybe that's indeed a factor of enough experience and game level.
Aside from dead poly, yeah, pretty much. The main differences I see between strings are the amount of control, amount of power and amount of feel. All of those, however, are relative. If the feedback I'm getting is not what I like, then I rate the string lower in certain areas. Two good examples for you: NRG2 vs. X-1 and Genesis Black Magic vs. WC Scorpion. In the first instance, I played with NRG2 for years and even into college a bit. Heck, when I signed up here, I was still playing full multi for the most part. I'd discovered NRG2 some time in high school and was told that X-1 was the same but with better longevity. Since I absolutely shred NRG2, that sounded like a dream come true. Err...not so much. It does not have the same crisp and responsive feel that I like. I just had more confidence with NRG2 because I knew what to expect when I hit the ball. NRG2 was all over the place, but if I had to play a match with it, I would not be able to blame the strings for losing. Similar story with Genesis Black Magic. This is a great poly, and if memory serves me right, one of drakulie's favorites. However, it is not for me. It is far too soft feeling. I don't like the plush feeling on impact, I like a crisp "bite" feeling. Only a certain few strings can give me that response, Scorpion being the best of the lot for me. Others are Pro Supex BAM, WC B5E, Tourna BHB7 and Signum Pro Tornado.

However, since Scorpion makes my shots come off the racquet exactly the way I want my shots to do so, it's the string for me. Other strings do things better or worse than Scorpion in areas that I like, but none are overall far above average in all categories. Would I be able to win a match with Black Magic? Absolutely! Would I be having the same amount of fun? No, because when I crack a winner with Scorpion, it just feels so much more satisfying due to the feedback than any other string I've used. That does not mean it's the best string (hardly), but it's the best for me.
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