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Originally Posted by Itagaki View Post
Well it's certainly not my theory

But unfortunately no, i've only taken the statements at face value from those that had experience dealing with it. Never cared to do the research myself.

However, I'm fairly confident that prescription strength ibuprofen tablets are 800mg and usually prescribed to be taken 3-4 times daily

The reason I asked is that I have done literature searches multiple times to try and find one human study that shows taking high dose ibuprofen has had a demonstrable effect on ANY disease or injury.

I have not found any.

I have asked the question many times here, and no one has provided such a study.

There is a move afoot in medicine termed "evidence based medicine".

It is aimed to try and separate out theoretical benefits of treatments [even if having some degreee of sound scientific basis] from those that have actually been "proven" in a reasonable study.

So far, I believe that the widespread belief that high dose ibuprofen has beneficial effects for inflammatory processes has yet to be proven.

Indeed, the studies done so far, even in inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, have not shown a change in the underlying disease process.

Could it possibly be that there are so many inflammatory pathways involving so many different types of mediators and cytokines, that interruption of just one of these pathways [cyclooxygenase] by ibuprofen does not have a clinical effect?

Ibuprofen does NOT interrupt the inflammatory cycle at multiple points like steroids do.

Now I won't dispute that ibuprofen is a powerful medication with morbidity and mortality associated with it's cardiac, renal and hepatic side effects.

But is precisely because the multiple severe side effects are so well documented that the burden of proof ought to show that ibuprofen is effective in treating the underlying process enough to demonstrate a documented change in the condition that is supposedly treating.

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