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Originally Posted by BrooklynNY View Post
Nadal's shotmaking is actually ridiculous.

Nadal really does have brutal combinations in his shot placement while at the same time it seems as if he is just hitting the ball really high, up the middle of the court - and alot of the time he basically is haha

I think I like his game because it's like the anti tennis game. His game is on one of the extreme sides of the spectrum. Where there are super aggressive all courts or serve volley style players(Edberg/Rafter/Annacone/etc) and there are baseliners/claycourt style players. Nadal is the best of the later type of players, along with Nole. I think all of the great players always are unique in their game and style and Nadal is no exception and he is just on the other end of the spectrum from say a Sampras, who is super aggressive, and Federer who is more in the middle of these two in terms of the playing style spectrum.

I also get the feeling Nadal is the type that his nervous reaction is to go for more, rather than pull back in big situations. You always see him hit a lot of crazy on the run forehands for winners. I do also think his footwork is on par with Federer's as well.

You also can see he is not afraid out there. You can see that from his matches vs Federer. I remember one time, maybe more, he won a set off Fed at the French, and as they were going to their chairs he basically jumped up and fistpumped like 12 feet of Roger.
Some see this as unsportsmanlike, and I kind of do as well, but part of me likes that about him, as much as I do dislike alot of other aspects of Rafa you guys will bring up.
That was in 2005 RG SF, he was younger back then, way more exuberant and expressed himself more on court, so to speak.
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