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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
Haha - you have tons of communication from d1 coaches, no doubt

But no serious interest / offers from the top guys like Peter smith and boland, which is why you fell through when I took you up on your offer to forward proof of such

Some coaches have the luxury of a fantastic pool of talent to choose from and don't need to deal with your mess of a family or spend years convincing DB to play tennis rather than complain about line calls - lucky them

Then again maybe you'll prove me wrong and end up with a top few team - we shall see
Mikej, when are you going to figure out that BB is just stringing you along and pulling your chain. If you ever watch DB in a tournament, he is composed and plays with great sportsmanship. His dad has been great to enforce that upon him. Yes, they both want DB to become the best player he can, but do you think this same dad is busy on a tennis forums everyday to argue about his son's ambitions and skills in a serious manner? I don't know, but I do not think that is the case. One thing is for sure though, BB and DB have very good friendly relationships with college coaches. One in particular, PS, has kids that are roughly the same age as DB. Does he currently have an offer or shown an interest in any schools? I do not know that either, but the point is that the Internet is not a good source for information.
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