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Originally Posted by PCXL-Fan View Post
Who is amazed at Federer's Basel Open wins? Nobody.
Well for Federer to win his home city title 5 times in 6 years is a noteworthy achievement. Federer finally winning the title at Basel for the first time in 2006, was one of the proudest moments of his career, just like him losing his 5 set final against Henman in 2001 (a year after losing the 2000 final to Enqvist) was one of toughest.

When Lendl won his first title at Basel in 1980, he beat a peak Borg in 5 sets in the final which was no mean feat. For many years Borg was considered to be unbeatable in 5 set matches, having won 13 in a row until the 1980 US Open final against McEnroe. But still there were numerous much bigger indoor tournaments around during Lendl's time, nearly all of he which he won at some point during his career.
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