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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
So now the real sports are about pain resistance and toughness? Than what the hell are you doing on a tennis forum? Go watch some boxing! Like tennis, real football (the name itself tells ya it's more suited to the real than to american football) not only asks a player to be physically fit. It also requires great flexibility, coordination, technique, ball control and skill. Whereas like you say, american football is mostly about being tough. It's a bit like your crazy *** Hulk Hogan fightacting... Americans just like your imagination being stretched so far that you are not jealous of that person doing this stuff anymore. You want to be comfortable in your chair.

Anyways, it's not like europeans are the only ones liking football. They adore football from China, to India, to Africa, to south America. You on the other hand are kinda on your own. That's why tennis and football are my two favourite sports: 1) it's worldwide 2) it takes a lot of SKILL instead of fysical power.

Anyways, like some people here already mentioned. Americans dont care if its worldwide. They just care if theres one of theirs winning.
Satire is indeed dead. I'm not a soccer hater, bro. Just keep the "real football" garbage for soccer forums. If you don't think the theatrics of Euro soccer players isn't a major factor in the general lack of popularity of the sport in North America then you're kidding yourself. And save the "skill" argument for someone else. You're a soccer and tennis fan because that's what's popular and ingrained in the culture of whatever country you're from. (I'm assuming UK from your spelling). Otherwise you'd be a baseball fan because there is no greater sport of skill than baseball.
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