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Coming from the Gamma T-7 I currently own two Donnay racquets; an X-P Dual and another X-Red 99.
Have to consider the original X-Series is providing very much of an old-school flexy feel, plush and solid, not overall powerful. X-P Dual is much more comparable to an actual tweener racquet, however, still this offers an impressive blend of comfort and feel. If one suffers from tennis elbow, I recommend the X-Series over X-Dual Series, though. In that case you may look for X-Orange, Yellow or White and customize it using the Donnay customization kit.
Myself, I am looking to get my hands on another X-P Dual. Love that racquet very much, even I hit the Gamma T-7 for the last 3 years, X-P Dual is now the racquet-to-go for me. Great one, love it!

Hope, this help....cheers gd!
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