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Originally Posted by sunof tennis View Post
Look. It may be superstition, but it seems that strings are important to the pros who are trying to make a living playing tennis. At the top level, most pros find a string combination that works for them and often stay with that combination for years. Then they switch racquets during a match at specific times to make sure they have the right tension.
Yes, a good player can play with just about any set of strings, just as a good player can play well with just about any racquet. They will generally play their best tennis with one racquet and one type of string(s).
obviously at a pro level every inch counts and so any subtle change in strings is noticeable.

but for the sake of the argument:
if i went and switched racquets with this partner of mine-
by the differences between us he'll STILL play around the same level and easily beat me-
because he has his stable game with or without fresh or quality strings and a decent stick, while i'll have more trouble adjusting and struggling.. no?
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