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Originally Posted by Gizo View Post
Not really. Under the 2000-2008 ranking system Basel was an International Series Gold tournament. Those tournaments were effectively the precursor to the 500 events, which were introduced from 2009 when the new ranking system was implemented. Tournament ranking points were pretty much doubled across the board from 2009.

International series gold tournaments awarding 250 points to the winner from 2000-2008 (apart from Dubai and Barcelona which awarded 300), then all doubled that to 500 points from 2009 provided they weren't demoted in status.

So when Federer won his Basel titles from 2006-2008, the tournament had effectively the same status/tier as it did from 2009 onwards.
Besides which, the way Srichaphan played in the 2006 Basel semifinal was as well as anybody could ever play from a shot making standpoint in an indoors match. He was unbelievable...Roger Federer is the only guy playing in the past 10 years who would have beaten him in that match.

THAT'S what competition is. Not some top 5 player showing up and half-assing it.
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