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Just stumbled upon this thread... Lots of negative comments, I think it deserves some nice ones, too

While it has some downsides, this is probably my favorite string.
Note that this is actually a poly, yet not a monofillament, that's where the magic comes from.
I noticed that most people, in this thread, used it as full bed or as a cross. IMO, it should be used as main, with a poly or a slippery syngut as the cross. If you used it as the cross, or full bed, the notching and coat peeling will stop the strings from snapping back into position. Coating on crosses tends to peel/frey, while on the mains it would just notch and stay.

Controll and spin close to mono poly, without any harshness;
Doesn't die quickly;
Huge sweetspot;
Controlled power - low at slow-medium strokes, powerfull on power strokes;
Snap back when used with right cross;
Arm safe

Coating notshing/cracking/peling

I'm delighted that I found a deal on 2-pack for less then retail price of one! But, no, don't switch to this string, so I can pick more of these discounted deals
It's never too late for a happy childhood!
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