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Originally Posted by Goosehead View Post
..flawed up the wazoo
There is no flaw....your logic is flawed. So, I agree, FEDERER BLOWS Lendl's career into the weeds.. He is the BEST EVER...right? I got it!!!!

The topic was suppose there WERE NO GRAND SLAMS, period.

Now look at the Head-to Head- in Career Stats, winning percentages, titles, DOMINANCE, Faster courts, smaller racquets, inferior technology, and Lendl thrashes Federer's career in a landslide...

To Bring Federer into the 80's would not work, because in the 80's NO ONE, NO ONE, not even the BEST forehand in the game as Lendl or Agassi, swings the racquet head speed like Federer does in today's game... that "Style" did not exist back inthe 80's due to racquet technology...Roger's game is alien to the 80's men's game... it is "alien"... LOL In the 80's Roger could not even "hang" playing fast courts 24/7.... he's neve even played the same fast courts as the men's field ever from the 80's era... the 2000-2012 era tennis courts are SLOOOOW comared to the game inthe 80's.... LOL

When Federer "upgraded" to the NEWEST racquet technology using 90" inches and the new see Federer's forehand swing speed ultra fast... that was never going to happen inthe 80's era....So Federer would NOT play the same today, back in the 80's....

So, OUTSIDE the Gand Slams...which is EASY TO DIGEST, Which tenis player, Lendl or Federer, DOMINATED their ERA more.... the answer is easily IVAN LENDL.

ROGER - When opponents face up to Federer, they are all in "in awe of him, mesmerized by his gracefulness on the court, his effortless shot making, and opponetns RELISH the thouht of playing against Federer, as they are in aweo of him...and rightly so..

LENDL - However, ask ANYONE in the game... NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE EVER WANTED TO FACE IVAN LENDL...they ALL FEARED HIM to death... game over... that was how much he instilled fear inot he men's fiedl back then.

Do you think, right now, any player in toda's game, sa, "Oh, no I fear Djokovic? LOL Oh, no here comes Del Potro...? LOL or, wait, I got Roger Federer in the 1st round? "How cool is that!" No one ever feard Roger, Djoker, Nadal, Del POtro... players RELISHED playng them...they lost, but they never feard them...never...

With Lendl, it was ", Oh #@%^!"! This can't be happeing to me...please don't let me play Lendl, please. LOL

But if you TAKE AWAY, REMOVE the GRAND SLAMS, from tennis altogether... you see the DOMINANCE of IVAN LENDL next to say JIMMY CONNORS in the men's game....where NO ONE could beat them and live to tell about it.. LOL

just saying... Roger is better than Lendl ever was... period. Now remove the GS from the equation, and Lendl overwhelms Roger's career in a landslide....

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