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Originally Posted by lendlmac View Post
To Bring Federer into the 80's would not work, because in the 80's NO ONE, NO ONE, not even the BEST forehand in the game as Lendl or Agassi, swings the racquet head speed like Federer does in today's game... that "Style" did not exist back in the 80's due to racquet technology...

When Federer "upgraded" to the NEWEST racquet technology using 90" inches and the new strings...
Um.. Federer effectively uses a frame which was available in it's first incarnation in 1983. Since then the changes to it amount to about 2% difference - barely a small change in head size and a paint job, that's it. He also uses strings in the mains which were available since even earlier. Since he did so well in his early career prior to poly strings I'd say he of all current players would adapt to the 80s pretty well.

Tell this story again so it makes more sense.
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