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Rafa was playing great in 2011. Wasn't he first in the race, for that matter?.

Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
You pretty much did with your "blown off the court" comment. Nadal has beaten Soderling comprehensively in every single match they've played after that except for at the WTF in 2009,where Nadal is a notorious mug anyway,and didn't win a single set that year. That fact alone should tell you Soderling needed the perfect storm of playing out of his skin mixed with an injured Nadal who was on his last legs in order to beat him at RG. Or do you believe Soderling can beat an in form healthy Nadal at RG? All signs point to the opposite.

If you think Nadal was moving well,and that his knees weren't injured at RG in 2009 and at Wimby this year then you must not watch him very much. And player's do not fake an injury only to be out months afterwards. You are still in denial.
Yep, ****s are in denial about that. He was out for months both times, but I'm sure they can find some ridiculous explanation for that, other than him being injured.
They like to think that Nadal just isn't good enough and that's why he's lost those matches, that players of his calibre don't lose except maybe once in their careers or something.
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