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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
And you can't know he didn't. But it's awfully coincidental that his story changed when he got questioned about saying those things.

Coulda,woulda,shoulda. Doesn't matter anymore,and him making that final is what started his knee troubles this year. I would rather he lost early than make that final only to come away with nothing but yet another injury.

You know what I think about those wins so I won't repeat it.

So are you.

Yes he does. I already pointed out some of the times he has played with injury in the past and how much it has cost him. He played the DC final last year with a knee problem. He did it again this year at IW and Miami as well. He was even limping in that match against Tsonga in Miami this year. He does it all the time.

I beg to differ. They have passed him by and if he comes back,I doubt he will be able to compete with them anymore. I bet they are all wishing and praying they draw him at the AO next year because drawing him will likely be a bye to the next round(if he even makes it that far).
I don't think it changed that fast actually. I remember when asked he said he had been feeling tired. Plus he made the "100 years" comment in RG and the other one about losing passion a while later.

It matters since you say he can't possibly beat Novak anywhere.

Since he has recurring problem I would think he plays with some problems most of the time. He he didn't he couldn't be a pro at all. It must not be easy to be in his shoes and decide when it's too much and he should actually stop. He's said he probably should have withdrawn from Wimbledon but was feeling too confident and couldn't do it.

We will see then. I'm sure if he's healthy enough he will do just fine.
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