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As if he's such a great player. No way to talk about someone anyway IMO.

What he said about the doubles team is just some friendly trash talk though.

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Todays players are boring anyway. A little thrash talk is good. Tennis misses that. Berdych has in the past thrash talked Nadal too, who unlike his lesser Almagro is a way more accomplished player than Berdych, and I had no problem with that either. If more players were like that maybe tennis would still have the coverage it once did. Berdych is a better and more accomplished player than renowned mental midget Almagro so he hardly looks out of place throwing down a gauntlet to him. Now lets see how the mentally frail Almagro responds, if he responds like a warrior and champion for once, it will only add to the excitment.
When did he do that?.
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