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Originally Posted by bbfl View Post
Yeah poor Fed has won only 17 GS. Djokovich is too defensive who is relying on opponents errors, did you see the winners on the final? Roger made 10-15 more winners than Djoko. That's why Murray's and Djoko's style is too boring to watch. Tennis only will lose if they keep playing like this.
Many times the winner in a tennis match hits less winners than the loser. But guess what they don't go by how many winners a player hits, that does not mean *****. The only winner that counts is the winner of the match.

Roger hit 10-15 more winners than joker did. Well isn't that great and what exactly does he get for that? Then you claim that joker just counts on his opponents errors, really it sounds like you have never seen him play.

And the God fed that has 17 GS is so great then why did he not hit more winners so he could have won the match then? Oh thats right the courts are to slow. He is playing inside in perfect conditions were the ball stays low and now all of a sudden he loses and the courts are to slow. Funny I never heard that when he was winning the year end exhibition tournament.
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