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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
I already acknowledged that the surf music is great. What I'm saying is that he couldn't really move beyond it aside from a few excellent songs. He wrote tons of great surf songs, yes, but only a handful of interesting ones after that, and I'm talking pre-mental breakdown. It's akin to the Beatles being unable to produce more than a few great songs after a "Hard Days Night" something.

As for "revolutionary", and "compositionally" and "innovative" and "conceptually" and whatever other terms we want to apply to these artists and their music only one thing really matters: the songs. How good are the songs? And "Wouldn't it be nice?" and "Sloop John B." aren't going on my ipod before "Gimme Shelter" or "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", my friend. Are they really on your "A" list?
Wouldn't it be nice? is a great song. Sloop John B is not a Brian Wilson composition. You are forgetting that he had a mental breakdown in 1967 while composing Smile right?

He did still write some awesome tracks though, "All I wanna do" on the sunflower album, "Till I die" on the Surfs Up album. "I went to sleep", "Breakaway", "Time to Get Alone", all brilliant songs.

As I said, in my opinion, his best album was the Today album. Every song on that sounds fantastic, and it was the first one to really break away from the surf and car stuff.
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