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That's very debatable on whether Nadal is ahead of Borg. Borg won more tournaments, had a higher lifetime winning percentage and was much more dominant at his peak. Borg won over 90% of his games at his peak over a five year period. Nadal had NEVER won 90% of his matches in a single year.

Borg won over 100 tournaments in his career by age 25.

Incidentally Bill Tilden can be argued to be ahead of anyone and of course Ken Rosewall.
pc1, I would still rank Borg ahead of Nadal.

As you cite Rosewall: I have forgotten in my Rosewall achievements that Muscles keeps another fantastic record: He reached 36 consecutive SFs at majors from Wimbledon 1954 to French Open 1968. Of course I concede that the pro majors had only 8 -16 participants. But still awesome.
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