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Originally Posted by *Sparkle* View Post
You think there's nothing, because you missed the point.
I didn't.

In itself, the Olympic tournament is not a different experience from a technical point of view (i.e. as a tennis tournament it has its place as a difficulty and format and this place says, that it is not the pinnacle of tennis achievements). You may want to then enhance its value, by saying, that you play for your country and all. But what does that mean? Could you please elaborate?

Originally Posted by *Sparkle* View Post
That's not what I said. I talked in general terms about how some Roger fanatics struggle to respect any achievement that he hasn't achieved. Roger has not won Olympic gold, and IMO, some of his fans find it easier to think it's not an important accolade than it is for them to accept he didn't win something important. Whether or not you choose to include yourself in that group has nothing to do with me.
Federer has not won Monte Carlo either. Should that make Federer fans uneasy too?

Originally Posted by *Sparkle* View Post
Personally, I think that if you'd asked Roger in January of this year if he'd like three more slams, or two more and Olympic gold, he'd pick the latter. He'd want it not just because it (IMO) enhances his legacy, but because winning gold for your country is a great thing to have done, and for Roger, doing it in singles is going to be more satisfying than doing it in doubles.
It is a Major vs OG.
You can imagine what Federer would answer to your question all day long. The truth is, that he plays the sport for the biggest Titles and the most money. Both are to be had at the Majors. I know, that for some people that is unfathomable (seeing your and others posts), but it is nobody's fault, that they are divorced from reality.
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