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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
You can't go back to the 1990s because the racquet and string technology is different. Tennis changes and evolves by going forwards, not backwards.
Tennis coaches, and tennis commentators, are no different from political commentators. They don't care about facts. They just want to senstationalize everything.

The major shifts in tennis technology occurred with the switch from the 70s and 80s rackets to the 90s rackets. that's it. since then, the changes have been almost entirely gimmicky and have centered on marketing.

there is absolutely no real evidence out there that one string type is so different from another as to render it a unique specimen. it's all bs.

mcenroe goes on and on about how today's strings make it possible to pull of impossible shots. what a load of crap. even at the professional level, where the tiniest of changes and improvements can make a big difference, the changes and improvements made in tennis technologies are negligible.

i've seen jim courier impart silly spin on the ball at the french, just like nadal. nadal may do it more, but not because of strings or rackets. but because of his technique.

coaches, player, and especially commentators need to shut the hell up about technology.
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