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Judge for yourselves:

Won the Australian Open
Won Dubai
Won Indian Wells
Won Miami
Won Belgrade
Won Madrid
Won Rome

SF at the French Open
Won Wimbledon
Won Montreal

RU in Cincinnati
Won the US Open
SF in Basel
QF in Paris Indoor
RR exit at the World Tour Finals (won 1 out of 3 round robin matches)

Won the Australian Open
SF in Dubai
SF in Indian Wells
Won in Miami
RU in Monte Carlo
QF in Madrid
RU in Rome
RU at the French Open
SF at Wimbledon
SF at the London Olympics (lost third place play off)
Won in Toronto
RU in Cincinnati
RU at the US Open
Won in Beijing
Won in Shanghai

R32 in Paris Indoor
Won World Tour Finals (won 3 out 3 round robin matches)
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