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Originally Posted by BeGreat View Post
that was cold. but true.
people here dismiss the fact that nadal ruined federer. forget his own health issues. doesn't matter. that's his playing style, and his own loss. he beat federer in the final of wimbledon, then in the final of australian open, and has always beaten federer in the french. but somehow, those are flukes. despite nadal's devastating consistency. i realize most of the people here are probably teens and early 20s not 30 year old dinosaurs like me. but, seriously, the general aptitude on this forum from most of the users is seriously low. i'd love to get the SAT 2 math/science scores for some of the posters. the way they interpret data is profoundly poor.
With all due respect to what I am sure are your very high Math and Science scores, I am not sure what the point of your post is given your writing style. I don't think anyone would say that Nadal beating Federer, especially on clay or other slow courts, is a fluke. Obviously, Nadal is a very bad match up for Federer which is exacerbated on slow courts. You quote with glee the previous poster who noted that Nadal "only wins slams...", but neglect to point out that Federer has won 6 more slams than Nadal.
Again, not sure what you point is. If it was to point out the alleged superiority of Nadal over Federer, I am afraid you failed.
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