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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Fed was always deadly while hes enjoying a comfortable lead. He never was comfortable with fighters that kept throwing the 1-2 Punch combo vs him and never just roll over and die.

Before it was Nadal.. Now its Nole.

In that respect, yea Fed isn't much of a fighter or a guy who relishes the pressure
You could say that but I think a lot of this has to do with their style of play. Fed has an attacking mindset, not a defender's mindset. Hence when he is down in a match, he is uncomfortable, because when you are down you are effectively forced to take on a defensive mindset (i.e., how to come back). Now, when Roger is down 2 sets to love against someone who he doesn't expect to come back against (for example, against Nadal in the '08 Wimby final) he basically doesn't give a crap anymore and plays freely again with his attacking style, and in the case of the '08 Wimby final, he came all the way back to force a 5th set tiebreak. In short, Roger plays best when he's ahead, can play freely and can calmly take the risky shots. Playing conservatively (defense) is very bad for his game.

Most of the players acknowledge this as well, that Roger is a great frontrunner.

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