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Originally Posted by BeGreat View Post
that was cold. but true.
people here dismiss the fact that nadal ruined federer. forget his own health issues. doesn't matter. that's his playing style, and his own loss. he beat federer in the final of wimbledon, then in the final of australian open, and has always beaten federer in the french. but somehow, those are flukes. despite nadal's devastating consistency. i realize most of the people here are probably teens and early 20s not 30 year old dinosaurs like me. but, seriously, the general aptitude on this forum from most of the users is seriously low. i'd love to get the SAT 2 math/science scores for some of the posters. the way they interpret data is profoundly poor.
People have different stengths. My weakness is Mathematics and English. My strengths are Biology, Chemistry(non-math part), Kinesiology( excluding Biomechanics) and Sociology.

There are 6-7 different types of intellgence. Being smart in math will not save you from death. Common sense, and perception will save you from stupid actions.

A guy with Masters of Science went on to threaten women in colleges here in Canada. People did not think he was that kind of person because of his Degree.

SAT scores aren't viable proof to a person intelligence. It just a score to determine your entrance to a University. Plus University teaches you how to read information and process it. It does not make you a better learner and does not teach you how to survive in this world. We have to learn that stuff on our own.


I agree to why you said that statment. There is a lot of immaturity and dumb statements. Some like me like to do this on purpouse. It is rare to have serious discussion on the general pro player section.

I personally think Nadal made Federer better. He did not ruin Federer....he made Federer more likeable. I would not watch a guy who wins everything without any stiff competition. The fact that Nadal owns him makes me a fan of Federer. Seeing Federer trying to overcome exciting. Nadal wins aren't fluke either, but all his wins barring 2008 FO weren't easy wins. Federer could have turned many the matches to his favor. Just like Nadal could have beaten Federer in 2007 Wimbledon and many of the encouters Federer won barring 2011 WTF.
Why fight over who is G.O.A.T., when the world is just an abstract of reality~

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