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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Nadal beat Federer in this year's Australian Open. Federer blew match points against Djokovic to face Nadal in both the 2010 and 2011 US Opens. Recently, it's been Federer not getting to the stage to meet Nadal.
True dat. But surely you'd expect that at this stage of his career. It's simply amazing that he's still competitive in, and winning, Slams at this stage of his career. I imagine he couldn't give a toss about head to head statistics and such stuff though and is playing on because he's sure he's still got it in him to win big competitions. Things like head to head stats and he level of consistency is certainly heading in only one direction now. That's fine. I'd enjoy watching him as a top 20 swashbuckler only making quarters but still upsetting big names years from now. Statistics are interesting but ultimately boring - poetry is illuminating and heartstopping. That's why we all watch and play isn't it?
“There is no best. There is just the discussion of who is best. Federer, he will always be in the first part of such a discussion.” Rino Tommasi
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