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Smile Calling All String Experts . . . or anyone else who might know

I've been playing with Kirschbaum Pro Line II for over a year and really enjoying it. When I first got back into tennis about three years ago, I wanted to try out some of the polys so I wouldn't be breaking strings every two weeks. I started off trying Lux BB Original, and the ALU Power Rough, but once I figured out what I was doing on the court again, both felt to stiff and boardy.

RPM blast, my next try when I got bought a APD (don't laugh), hurt my shoulder--still too stiff and boardy. It was at that time that I came to these fabulous boards and started doing research about the softer/softest polys out there. The rave reviews about Pro Line II caught my attention and I've been enjoying it ever since.

The problem is that three years in, I've gotten stronger, I'm hitting harder, and I'm playing 3-4 times a week as opposed to 1-2. These strings are starting to wear through pretty quickly.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a soft poly that lasts longer than PL II. I know that sounds like an oxymoron--soft/durability, but I'll through it out here nonetheless. What I like best about the PL II is that I get goot pop, good spin, and it maintains tension well. I don't know if it's just me, but the strings play better a month in than they do when the stick is freshly strung.

When I bought a new PS Ltd. last month, I got it strung for free with Pro Hurricane. Hated it. Turned to mush after about a week and a half. Cut them out and went back to PL II. So don't recommend that string.

Thank you.
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