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Borg not winning the Australian Open during his career means about as much as Nadal failing to win the title at Rotterdam during his (and Nadal has played at Rotterdam more times than Borg played at the Aussie Open).
Yes but he also isnt awarded fantasy slams there either. Evert isnt awarded fantasy slams at the Australians and French Opens she would have won in the 70s, otherwise she would be the female GOAT today, rather than viewed largely as inferior to Graf, Navratilova, Court, and even now Serena. If we do all the what ifs possible, if the Australian Open were on hard courts like today, and if everyone played it like today, he might well still have failed to win it, just like he failed to win the U.S Open in many tries despite it being played not only on hard courts (his worst surface) but on clay for several years, during his relative prime years.

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