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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I am not sure about this one - the hip rotation coming naturally due to a fuller swing I can live with.

When I started out, I would not even put my outside foot out towards the ball. I had to consciously learn it. Same thing with the knee bend on serve - it is not 100% instinctive yet.

I think eventually the best people can discover the correct things to do on their own, but the rest could do with a bit of guidance.
We all need guidance and insights and my insight is to trust my body's natural movement to start with. That's the core, the first foundation. For me it has been much easier to learn from that than to start with hip rotation, etc. That's my point.

Frankly I don't know which foot is called the outside foot. I learned my hitting stances by figuring out what a stable stance is, loading/unloading by rocking the body back and forth, ie momentum means power.

We're not playing terribly high level of tennis that we need to go to sport science or pay attention to nitty gritty details as if to extract every ounce of efficiency At this level you just need to be a little suave with natural body movements and you already grap most of the socalled techniques. At least this is a great place to start from.
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