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Originally Posted by Gizo View Post
Once again, it offered exactly the same ranking points round by round as every single international series gold tournament apart from Barcelona and Dubai, and more prize money than every single European international series gold event apart from Barcelona (those were Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Kitzbuhel and Vienna).

Think about it. In 2008 Basel offered exactly the same number of ranking points as Vienna, and over 200,000 more in prize money to its players. Therefore does Basel sound like a smaller tournament than Vienna to you. What are the main incentives for players at these tournaments? Money and ranking points of course.

Roland Garros awarded 1000 points to the winner from 2000-2008, but doubled that to 2000 points from 2009. Indian Wells awarded 500 points to the winner from 2000-2008, but doubled that to 1000 points from 2009. Basel awarded 250 points to the winner from 2000-2008 but doubled that to 500 points from 2009.

So Basel's standing has remained completely unchanged between 2000-2008 and 2009 onwards. It's simple really .

The old point system was quite confusing but its status (ws from 500) changed regardless.
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