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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
I certainly hope he is pulling everyone's chain and in the end the kid goes to college. For every parent and player: there is point where you cannot think pro instead of college. For example if a kid is 100 TRN you cannot logically think about going pro. If you are a junior in hs, have no signature wins, and have lost to guys in the 70s, 80s and 90s you cannot consider a straight jump to the pros. You can do it- it's just insanity. It's nice to dream. My player has dreams of going pro too and he is outside the top 75. His talent is at least equal to DB but he trains 4 hours a week. Should he go pro too?
Ah, finally, the root of your repeated attacks on DB finally comes to light.

If your kid can't do it, no body else's can either, huh?

Didn't you say your boy was a 4 star player?

I doubt anyone would agree that his talent is "at least equal to DB."

But I agree, your "top 75" TRN kid is not going to go pro (barring a miracle).

Top 75 and top 100 are a lot different than top 5.

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