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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, your strange opinions don't become better when you repeat them again and again.

First, Gonzalez had a much longer career on or near the top than Laver had.

Rosewall's rating id NOT an overall rating regarding achievements. It just points to the playing strength in ONE match or a few top matches, as I suppose.

Laver having the edge since Wimbledon and US Open 1961 is curious.

Rosewall and Laver would have stolen many majors from each other. And it's not true that only these two were the only serious competition in the 1960s. You ""forget"" Hoad, Gonzalez, Gimeno and others.

How strong Gonzalez was as an old man you might see at his SF in the 1968 French Open and the QF in the US Open when he beat Tony Roche clearly...
Hoad and Gonzales won their majors in the fifties, not sixties. Gimeno never won a major until the depleted 1972 French.
After 1963, Laver won the vast majority of the major pro events.
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