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Originally Posted by VPhuc tennis fan View Post
Wow, wow, wow! Did u drink whiskey getting out of bed this morning? The few posts I've seen from you suggests not only "morning" but all day long, sunrise to sunset (leather,wash, rinse, repeat to infinity).
Nadal...about to enter his primer?!!! WTF (nothing to do with the tournament that just ended)! Good to sleep through half of the year dreaming about your Rafa, huh?
"cheap slams, evade taxes, criminal tax havens, ..." What are u now? Accountant, IRS auditor? Lots of CHEAP accusations. Evidence (please no Bleacher Report, or National Inquirer, or Stars if you know what I mean).
Envy is one of the 7 deadliest sin, you know it right? Brad Pitt's early movie w/ Morgan Freeman. Watch it if you want to know what I mean. Good drinking now.
There is no envy in my heart, you fresh green troll. My heart and mind are purer than the first snowflake of the winter that floats in the air as it falls from the sky.

German players, as you well know, have a well-documented history of criminal behaviour toward competition. While I am not in the position to punish them for their despicable conduct, as a member of the public and a good decent person, I should be permitted to voice my honest opinion of outrage and disdain, shared by wide masses of freightened and silenced decent people, for the criminal behaviour of talentless players who piled up cheap slams in a weak era and channeled stolen money into money-laundering places.
i don't remember
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