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Yeah not to be confrontational, but Robbie Konig the other day on the Masters coverage commented that the top doubles guys may bring 2 - 3 racquets to the court. I've also read that the "Lendl-method" (swapping frames every X number of games and restringing obsessively)is not employed by the majority of pros as they just plain don't want to spend the money on strings.

I've also talked to some professional stringers and all have indicated that restringing natural gut that hasn't been hit with is a waste. The reason the pros do it is because they a) either make too much money and don't care or b) get it free and don't care.

I do appreciate your point though.

At this point, I wish Drakulie would chime in.
Oh no, I did not say that this is a rule of thumb or that most do this. I'm just saying that the comment about pros using strings for a year likely is not true when many restring the same day having not even used the racquet.

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