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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
That's awesome! When I was hitting with an ATP Pro yesterday he gave me a good tip. "If you can, practice 30 minutes of just hitting a single serve once a week. I do it and it keeps my 2nd serves unattackable since I have the confidence in it." It makes sense that 30 minutes of hitting just one serve would help a lot in the long run!

My forehand abandoned me today haha. I lost 6-4 to a 5.0 woman who plays mixed doubles and destroys net players. She was able to return my serves that weren't aces so cleanly and hit within 1 foot of the baseline every time. Her passing shots are the best I've ever seen before. It was a super fun hit.

I completely agree that practicing a serve on a weekly basis is a huge help. That's how my second serve got the point it's at now. It (and my first serve, of course) needs many more weeks of practice time that I don't have at present.

That sounds like a really good hitting experience! I hit with a 4.5 guy a couple of weeks ago because he wanted a live target for a forty minute session, instead of hitting against the ball machine, and that was great fun and very educational for me. He ran me ragged, of course.
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