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Originally Posted by rufus_smith View Post
here is one of the first confirmatory studies showing the benefit of ibuprofen for arthritis :

here's a review of the benefits of ibuprofen for several medical conditions:

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The first "study" had only 9 patients! 9 people is a starting team in baseball, but it is not a real study.
Still, it is interesting that there was no improvement in joint stiffness, or grip strength with ibuprofen - only with the steroid prednisolone.
[By the way using a steroid in the study was a bad idea - the effects of the steroid can last for several weeks after a course, thus it is hard to make conclusions about the patients that received steroids before getting the ibuprofen, aspirin or lactose.]
Yes, ibuprofen did relieve some pain compared to placebo - but no more than aspirin (no Tylenol was used in the study.)
My point above is that ibuprofen has not been shown to objectively change signs of inflammation, like joint stiffness or or grip strength.
It is a fairly good pain reliever - but many patients are told that ibuprofen is effectively decreasing the inflammation and therefore lessening the damage caused by the underlying disease.
This tiny "study" does not show that.

The second paper you cite is a review with no data being provided.

I was really hoping you had something to back up your post:
"I'm in the health professions and the article is a little misleading when it seems to support "inflammation" as a healing mechanism that should not be thwarted by ibuprofen. I can guarantee you too much inflammation is a bad thing for your joints and tendons. Any a high pain or swelling needs to be reduced as soon as possible to prevent tissue damage. Ice packs are a safe way to reduce it but are not practical for long periods of time. Ibuprofen will can be quite helpful when used properly."

That is, that you have some information that shows that ibuprofen is effective in decreasing inflammation in joints and tendons.

(I have never doubted ibuprofen is a pretty good pain reliever.
But as this is a tennis health and fitness forum, the widespread belief that ibuprofen can decrease the inflammation in joints and tendons after injuries I still believe has never been proven.)
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