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Originally Posted by acer4tennis View Post
I'm with 100%, but I do prefer Typhoon to Barb wire. Typhhon will play for me to the very end, where BW only great for the very first hit. Never liked TB.
I wish BW could perform as long as typhoon.
Sorry to dig this thread up but after a year of testing personally and for about a dozen other players I string for everyone has said how good the genesis string is and how stable in tension it is. My personal favorite is twisted razor. I have not used black magic or typhoon. Spinx was not too impressive but average in all categories, not bad but twisted razor was wow. And by the way I play this string at 38 ref tens and also at 62. Those are my favorite tensions full bed. Just thought I would chime in because I am not getting paid nor get free strings from genesis. Also I don't see a lot of love on this forum for it. Is it because it's not sold at TW ?
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