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Originally Posted by Prodigy1234 View Post
The shanking is related to the head shape, its more squarish/rectanglish, not an oval. I even shank balls sometimes with my VCore 98D, which is not existent with my Prince.
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I played with Yonex years ago, so was hoping it would not an issue for me, but I guess I was wrong. I'll spend some more time with it as it seems like a great arm friendly choice for me.
Shanks will happen, it happens to everyone, the greatest of them all shanks more than anybody else on Tour, and guess what he plays with a very small racquet and still shanks a lot, well it's a round racquet, so are you guys going to blame it on the square shape or look at you all's technique. If so, we can all quit playing tennis, because I hit with square racquet Roger plays with a round, is there any other shape than square and round to save all of us.

Shanks are caused for being late and out of position most of time, or swinging too early.

You have to look and find your reason, the racquet isn't the problem, let alone the shape, actually the Xi's head shape is physically shorter than all other 100 I have hit with, and most of all same thickness on the head.

Your timing might be deficient.
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