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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
Wow! I didn't know Ibuprofen had those kind of risks. It also seems that every other pain killer has risks too.

Any opinions on which pain killers have the least amount of risks and side effects?
Tylenol (acetaminophen) is generally regarded as the pain reliever with the least risk, as long as dosing is strictly adhered to.

Here is what the review article on ibuprofen that rufus_smith says:

"Adverse Reactions

NSAIDs are widely used, frequently taken inappropriately and
potentially dangerously.64 Nevertheless, ibuprofen exhibits few
adverse effects.65
The major adverse reactions include the affects
on the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), the kidney and the coagulation
Based on clinical trial data, serious GIT reactions
prompting withdrawal of treatment because of hematemesis,
peptic ulcer,67 and severe gastric pain or vomiting showed an
incidence of 1.5% with ibuprofen compared to 1% with placebo
and 12.5 % with aspirin.68 Ibuprofen was a potential cause of GI
bleeding,69,70 increasing the risk of gastric ulcers and damage, renal
failure, epistaxis,71-74 apoptosis,75 heart failure, hyperkalaemia,
76 confusion and bronchospasm.77
It has been estimated that 1 in 5 chronic users (lasting over a long period of time) of NSAIDs will develop gastric damage which can be silent.
Other adverse effects of ibuprofen have been reported less
frequently. They include thrombocytopenia, rashes, headache,
dizziness, blurred vision and in few cases toxic amblyopia, fluid
retention and edema. Patients who develop ocular disturbances
should discontinue the use of ibuprofen.34
Effects on kidney (asvwith all NSAIDs) include acute renal failure, interstitial nephritis, and nephritic syndrome, but these very rarely occur. 27"

The above review also goes through a long list of medications that ibuprofen had interactions with.

Still to be fair, for someone relatively young and healthy, ibuprofen may be a reasonable medication to take for pain relief.

Severe side effects are much more common in those taking fairly high doses for an extended period of time.

I have to admit that many years ago I was much more likely to take a couple of ibuprofen if I felt sore from tennis or a work out.

I don't think I have taken ibuprofen or any pain medication for at least 5 years. I probably am lucky, but I just don't get that sore, or have much pain.

(1 hour hitting session Firiday; 2 hour hitting session Saturday followed by two sets of doubles; 2 hour hitting session Sunday followed by 4 sets of singles; 3 hour hitting session Monday; squats, deadlifts, bench press yesterday; 1 hour hitting session today + serve practice followed by Thrower's Ten and accessory exercises like bent over rows and lat pull downs.)

I am also willing to bet that for those suffering from acute bouts of pain, or long term painful conditions, that many consider ibuprofen a godsend.
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