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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
Ah, finally, the root of your repeated attacks on DB finally comes to light.

If your kid can't do it, no body else's can either, huh?

Didn't you say your boy was a 4 star player?

I doubt anyone would agree that his talent is "at least equal to DB."

But I agree, your "top 75" TRN kid is not going to go pro (barring a miracle).

Top 75 and top 100 are a lot different than top 5.
Soianka thanx for the defense of DB but in this case your wrong , this kid plays 4 hrs a week and is equal talent to DB he should go pro then don't you agree ? Think it through you have to agree ?

This is the same guy that watched DB serve , no radar gun yet he knew the speed was not over the 120 mph , this is why I shake my head at some of the experts on here .

Btw DB serving at Philip was a big serve being returned by Philip who has a "great" return , made 125 look like 40 mph , saying DB wasn't serving big was and insult to Philips talent .

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