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Safin in 05 AO, Del Potro in 2009 USO, Nalbandian in 2005 Shanghai Master Cup, Davydenko/Del Potro were winner/finalist in 2009 WTF. THese are HUGE events that would be owned by Federer had these guys were playing in another field. Fed would have a SUPER year in 2005(better than his best 2006) had there wasn't for Safin/Nalbandian, because he would have won 3 slams/year and beat Mac 1984 win/loss record(82-3).
Yeah, like I said there'd be the occasional upset win. But you're using wins that are years apart. The big picture would still be the same: 31/32. Remember that number.

As dominant as FEderer was, he still had some upsets, so no question Laver and Rosewall would get plenty of upsets in a big stage had there wasn't a split fields. 1962 Laver won 4 slams as an amateur and many have said he wasn't even the best player in the world, lol. His 6 overall amateur slams could have been reduce had the pro was competing too. The 3 pro majors had only 8-14 players. Had the amateur were in the mix and have 128 draws, who knows how many times Laver/Rosewall get upset.

No matter how much to want to defend the pre-open era, players have better success with having a 2 fields

Of course they would, but the difference would still be fairly negligible in my opinion.

Edit: Krosero explains it far more eloquently

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