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Default Serve help for a 12 year old

I am no trainer. I have taught my son for about 8 months now. He's made great progress, he started on the tennis team, made it to varsity doubles, then at the end singles, which is cool, BUT HE CAN'T SERVE and I don't know how to teach him.

He can hit forehand flat, top, slice, same with BH, he runs beautifully around his backhand and shoots to his opponents BH, but HE CAN'T SERVE.

I entered him into a USTA Tourny, first one, and well one guy just killed him, but the other, and I saw at the USTA website the other kid had played at a higher level, but he lost 6-3, but it was because of his SERVE, or lack of it. I told him "Listen to your coach", and the coach had him doing a western grip, throw the ball up a couple feet and just pop it over, the other kid killed him on that.

So how do I do it? He understands the mechanics of moving the feet, the hips, the shoulders, then arm in quasi bicep pose slice the ball, but he just can't get it, it's unbelievably frustrating as he's pretty good in every other department. I have him every day throwing the ball up to practice a good throw.

Any help is appreciated, I'm not going to let him get massacered in a USTA tourney again until he can serve. Serve is one of my best assets, I mean you know we are supposed to win serve, it's a liability with him, I just don't know how to teach it.
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