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Originally Posted by Hidious View Post
Lead placement doesn't really matter as long as you get a frame that is 363g, 338 SW and 31.5cm balance.

Thanks to Drak for those numbers
Actually, lead placement does matter. There are infinite ways to add lead tape to an initially light frame to achieve 363g, 338 SW, and 31.5cm balance. Lead configurations having more added mass in the throat will have higher dynamic stiffness (higher vibration frequency), and they will play stiffer.

For example, Racquet A and Racquet B start out identical.
You add 20g at the top of the handle plus 5g at 12 to Racquet A to reach the target specs.
You add 15g at bottom of handle plus 10g at 3-and-9 to to Racquet B to reach the same target specs.

The modified Racquet A will play much stiffer (with shorter dwell time) than the modified Racquet B even though the 3 mass distribution specs are identical. Also, Racquet A will have a lower twistweight than B, which means it will be less torsionally stable. And the lower twistweight of Racquet A would also mean that it would come around slightly faster on the downswing because the swingweight in the plane of your swing would be slightly lower.
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