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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
Are you happy with your current health and fitness level?

Why or why not.
HORRIBLE. 38 and broken down, I'm paranoid to go for it. In 8 months continual injuries. Two plantaris muscles, torn tendon in the foot/ankle, neck, golfers elbow, and last night, of all things, just teaching my son to catch the tennis ball on the ground, you know keep the eye on the ball all the way to the ground and catch it, I went down, and the back of my thigh torn or felt that way, I'm talking laying down with a grimiced face, UNBELIEVABLE!

I don't think 70 year old men get as many injuries as me. I've NEVER had anything serious in my life, strains, sprains, cuts, no biggie, but this is NUTS.
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