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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Can you still play if you dial it back some, maybe 70%, use new cushy shoes, and generally play with less ferocity?
Maybe you don't know your body's limits, and still think you're 14 years a 30 year old body.
Exactly, that's what it's like, I "think" I can do things maybe I can't anymore. I do dial it back when hurt, just hit with my son and train, then forget and go for it. Lately I'm too paranoid to jump on it as I'm afraid something will give. I had the honor of playing with the great Justin Bower a week or so ago and jumped on the gas, was exhausted for lack of training, so tired I was hyperventalating an hour after, you know numb face.

I'm going to rest for awhile, arms, legs, everything, heh, I have to teach my son a serve, maybe I'll just talk, it's hard though when you LOVE Tennis.
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